Nourishing Feast

  • 2013-8-29 17:24:28
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Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant is the perfect place to experience top quality Cantonese fare with its extensive menu of luscious innovative Cantonese dishes that would absolutely enchant your exquisite taste buds!

In November, our Chef is preparing various mouthwatering " Nourishing Feast " that are full of nutrients for your enjoyment and lead you to a healthy Autumn! the Premier Value Card Holders are entitled to a 20% discount

1、Double-boiled Lamb with Ganoderma        
(a little bitter,enrich the blood )


2、Double-boiled Lamb Brisket with Soy Sauce  

(nourishing stomach )


3、Double-boiled Crab with Chicken      
(moistening lung for roving phlegm)


4、Braised Spare Rib with Oat       

(moistening dryness,enrich the blood )

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