Located in the southeastern coast of Fujian Province, Xiamen is a thriving metropolis that has retained its local charm and paradisal beauty while maturing into one of China’s four major economic zones. Xiamen city is comprised of Xiamen island proper, Gulangyu Island, and the northern coast defense inland of the Jiulong River. The land area is 1565.09 square kilometers, and the sea area is 300 square kilometers. This island itself is 133 square kilometers; 13.7 kilometers wide and 12.5 kilometers north to south.

Xiamen is composed of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, West Bank Haicang Peninsula, the north shore of the Jimei Peninsula, Eastern Xiangan Peninsula, and Dadeng Island and Xiaodeng Island, inland Tongan, Jiulong River, with the land area of 1699.39 square kilometers and the sea area of over 390 square kilometers. Xiamen principal part -- Xiamen Island is the birthplace of Xiamen Special Economic Zone and is the earliest commercial and political center, the island is 13.7 kilometers long from north to south, 12.5 kilometers wide from east to west, with an area of about 132.5 square kilometers.

As the first international hotel in Xiamen, the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen is located in the No. 1 Metro Terminal Station and next to the prosperous Zhongshan Road pedestrian street within Xiamen’s major business and financial districts. The hotel is connected with Xiamen Municipal Avenue, Huandao Road and Chenggong Avenue, with 20 minutes drive distance to Xiamen International Airport and Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. And one of the Ferry to Gulangyu(the famous site) is around the concer. On the South of the hotel is Hongshan Park, the grandest of Xiamen’s Top 8 Areas of Scenery, and the internationally renowned Nanputuo Temple, moreover “China’s Most Beautiful University” Xiamen University is only 5 minutes away from the hotel by vehicle.

The Schedule of Free Shuttle Bus between Hotel and Airport(temporarily closed)

Depart from Hotel

08:00    |    10:00    |    12:00    |    14:00    |    15:30    |    17:20

Depart from Airport (both T3 & T4)

9:30    |    11:00    |    13:00    |    15:00
  • - Please reserve seat by contacting concierge at extension 6530 or mbole 18759210561, availability is limited.
  • - Please on board 10 minutes in advance


  • 30 minutes drive distance to Xiamen International Airport and Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center
  • 5 minutes walk distance to Ferry Terminal
  • 18 minutes AMTR distance to Xiamen Railway Station
  • 50 minutes AMTR distance to Xiamen North Railway Station
  • 30 minutes drive distance to Haicang industrial Zone
  • 10 minutes drive distance to Dongdu Ferry(to Gulangyu island for tourist)

  • 0.5 minute walk distance to No. 1 AMTR Zhen Hai Road Station
  • 1 minutes walk distance to Zhongshan road commercial walk street and Xiamen Entry-Exit Management Division
  • 30 minutes drive distance to Wutong Ferry(To Jinmen)
  • 11 minutes drive distance to Xiamen Municipal Government
  • 10 minutes drive distance to Xiamen BRT Terminal
  • 2 minutes drive distance to Chenggong Avenue entrance