Vacation in Xiamen with Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

  • 2010-8-3 13:25:42
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This year Xiamen sees the arrival of visitors in increasing numbers to nearby popular tourist destinations such as Jinmen Island, the earthen round houses of the Hakka minorities, and Gulangyu Island. The rich cultural heritage of these locations fascinates travelers as they wander through both residential and commercial architecture dating decades and even centuries old. Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen is offering leisure travelers with brand new accommodations and pre-planed tour itineraries to each of the key scenic sites.

Jinmen Island, while being positioned within only 5km off the coast of Xiamen, is interestingly a Taiwanese possession. The Island exhibits many traditional facets of Fujian province’s Minnan people. Well known for its famous Kaoliang liquor and finest cutlery fashioned from old bombshell casings, these specialties along with their popular sugar candies make perfect souvenirs worth taking home to family and friends. While on the island don’t miss walking downtown the old villages with their well preserved vivid architecture, or Jinmen National Park for its beautiful forest and various tourist attractions.

Another popular destination is Nanjing, the home of the ancient earthen round houses. These walled complexes where built by the Hakka minority as early as the AD700s. Recently these round houses have won worldwide acclaim after being named "the world‘s eighth wonder" by UNESCO. These earthen residences remain to this day as the dwelling place of the Hakka people and receive a great numbers of tourists from Xiamen Island, situated only at most three hours drive away.

Gulangyu Island, just off the coast of Xiamen Island, has been a jewel of Xiamen’s culture and tourism for ages. Since the mid 1800s the island established an international community with consulates from Europe and America. While the consuls have long since departed, the historic consulate buildings still remain and their architecture and the great wealth in museums are available to visitors to catch glimpses of life during Gulangyu’s generations past.

The Millennium Harbourview Hotel’s location downtown is near famous Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Avenue and within convenient walking distance of both ferries to either Jinmen or Gulangyu Islands. Day tours to the earthen round houses are arranged by the Concierge in the hotel’s lobby floor whom offers both English and Japanese tour guides for group or private tours.

First time visitors must be sure to include a minimum of one of these favorite destinations when traveling to Xiamen. For a complete tour, be sure to give yourself at least three days and allow the Millennium’s professional Concierge to arrange your itinerary and tours.