Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrated at Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen

  • 2010-8-9 14:55:58
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Xiamen looks forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, while Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen makes ready for China’s greatest festival. Gourmet crafted mooncakes, choices for a celebration feast among 4 international style restaurants, and 3rd floor terrace moon gazing are all on the agenda this year.


Mooncakes are highly prized commodities in Chinese society, often given to family, friends, and clients prior or during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes given as gifts are often bought in sets elaborately packaged in highly eye-appealing boxes. These types of mooncake gifts are generally bought from the luxury hotel where highest attention to detail is paid towards imparting the hotel’s glamorous style into this valuable gift.


This year the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen has prepared a delicious selection of finest quality mooncakes with varieties including white lotus paste with double egg yolk, to black sesame, to assorted nuts and ham. Additionally the Millennium offers for lavishing on family and friends the deluxe gift baskets and Mid-Autumn gift vouchers.


When Mid-Autumn Festival comes around it marks the exciting time of year when traditional harvests where finished and family reunion is celebrated. As time improves the standard of living, family reunions are celebrated now in the hotel’s lap of luxury. Festive banquets or western style buffet dinners are prepared in the grand atmosphere of the Millennium Harbourview Hotel. 9 Luxurious private dining rooms offer families the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive celebration while being waited on and catered by professional service staff.


Memories are made together with loved ones while admiring the fullest moon of the year. The 3rd floor terrace of the Millennium Harbourview Hotel enjoys a commanding view of the sky, while taking you away from the bustle of the city below. For even greater views, the 22nd floor hotel suites provide full length window views to enjoy the city skyline while taking in the luxurious accommodation.