Traditional Nostalgic Cantonese Dishes of the Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant

  • 2012-5-22 10:35:48
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The city’s flourishing food, the taste buds around the circle of the world; most people yearn for the cordial and familiar taste of traditional classic Cantonese cuisine. Especially the most unique nostalgic Cantonese dishes using real materials, plus, experience the secret word of mouth in the hands of the chef from generation to generation with sophisticated cooking techniques. With a long history but never out of date, the precipitation of time more and more shows the real skills and the essence of Cantonese cuisine.

The representative of typical Cantonese restaurant in Xiamen is Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant of Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen, which has been adhering to the essence of the heritage of creative Cantonese. The essence of business philosophy, adhere to the extensive material, fine choice of materials, sophisticated skills, innovation and change characteristics combined with Western-style cooking to save the diets nutrition cooking methods of the Cantonese style. We continue to introduce the new, creative essence of Cantonese cuisine, natural authentic fresh and delicious Chinese Cantonese creations for everyone to enjoy.


In order to celebrate the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Millennium Harbourview Hotel, in June , The chef of Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant Leon Wen will launch his exclusive collections of traditional nostalgic Cantonese dishes, Chef Wen is with more than 30 years of cooking skills, he is a master of painstaking research and retains the traditional nostalgic Cantonese cooking methods, Chinese food culture and heritage, the master Private convergence characteristics of the Cantonese dishes, improvement and innovation, and is open to a new image for traditional Cantonese. He bring the most authentic delicious classic Cantonese cuisine to the table for the younger generation to restore the true face of the Cantonese and to older customers we offer a nostalgic look into our memories of 20 years ago, the most memorable taste of homemade cuisine.


Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant is the perfect place to experience top quality Cantonese fare with its extensive menu of luscious innovative Cantonese dishes surely to enchant your exquisite taste buds. Eight VIP rooms are available for your choice designed for entertaining the business associates and also family gatherings

A special offer of “one night complimentary commercial room with daily 2 breakfasts” valid for 6 months from the date of issued whilst the accumulation consumption is reached CNY10, 000 (after discounts) during the whole month of June 2012

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