Enjoy Amoy local fresh draft beer in Millennium

  • 2012-7-18 9:58:00
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Now, only in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen, can you enjoy all 3 types of Amoy local fresh draft beer, including wheat beer, yellow larger and dark larger, with fruit beer and dark ale coming soon in August.Fresh beer is couriered from the brewery to Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen everyday to ensure it best taste and nutrition, which helps to builds a more sweet memory of the trip to Xiamen.

Amoy Memory ( Wheat Beer): Certain percentage of wheat and some other kinds of special vegetable seeds were added to produce the Amoy Memory, which has it’s characteristic slight and natural fragrance. It brings the feeling of light pleasure and comfort, perfectly coincides your impression of Amoy.

Summer Dawn (yellow larger):The 511 beer house uses the fist class malt from Australia to make this type of yellow larger beer. It has exquisite foam, fine fresh alcohol feeling and strong taste. Once try, the feeling of freshness will surround, just like the best moment of the summer day.

Dark Larger No.1:Dark lagers are made with roasted barley and hops, and therefore have richer flavor, a very dark color and a full-bodied taste.

You can enjoy the Amoy local fresh draft beer in each outlets of the Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen:

﹡ 0.3 liter: CNY 38+15%
﹡ 0.5 liter:CNY 48+15% 

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