April Recommendation:Healthy Vegetarian Dish

  • 2014-3-27 14:34:33
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Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant is the perfect place to experience top quality Cantonese fare with its extensive menu of luscious innovative Cantonese dishes that would absolutely enchant your exquisite taste buds!

In April, our Chef is preparing various mouthwatering "Healthy Vegetarian Dish" that are full of nutrients and healthy for your enjoyment and lead you to a healthy Spring

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1、 Fried Yam with Blueberry Sauce                             
(Taste Delicious)

2、Stuffed Sweet Lotus Root with Glutinous Rice                  
(Sweet and Taste Delicious)     

3、Red Date with Brown Sugar                                
(Enrich the Blood )

4、Boiled Assorted Vegetables                                  
(Prevent Disease of Heart and Head Blood-vessel)

5、 Braised Vegetables Roll with Bean Curd Sheet                 
(Taste Delicious,Concentrated the Essence of a Variety of Materials)

6、Boiled Mushroom and Vegetables Soup                        
(The Taste of Mushroom is Rich)     

7、Doubled-fried Bean Curd with Salt and Pepper                  
(The Bean Curd is Soft Slippery )

8、 Fried Vegetables-style Shrimp with Cashew and Celery          
(Good Taste and Smell)


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