Families All Reunite ,The New Year Good Fortune Dinner

  • 2015-1-23 11:33:32
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When the old year is leaving and we celebrate the coming of the New Year, when the glowing scarlet lanterns are hung high, the joyous atmosphere of Spring Festival fills the air. At the moment of the New Year, the Xiamen Millennium Harbourview Hotel will meticulously provide all kinds of tasty delicacies, bringing the New Year’s festive wishes and good fortune to all our respected guests!

Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant: Lunar New Year Jubilant Feast
Our decorated Long Yuen restaurant is designed in traditional Chinese charm with modern fashionable style, inheriting the essence of Cantonese cuisine and creating fine food. There is eight luxury VIP rooms which are the best choice for inviting your close friends for dinner or reuniting with your family. From the Lunar New Year’s Eve until the Lantern Festival (February 18th to March 5th , 2015), our Long Yuan restaurant will shows its originality in offering many excellent New Year’s Jubilant Feast. By this we wish you a prosperous start to the New Year, with such themed feasts such as the Jubilant Feast, the Golden Feast, the Reunion Feast and the Wealthier Feast, the price is starting at CNY 4898 + 15% per table.
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Harbour Café: Lunar New Year’s Eve Reunion Buffet Dinner
Collecting together a feast of Chinese and Western fine foods, our Harbour Cafe is the most popular restaurant among Xiamen hotels, providing delicacies from all around the world. Live cooking, vibrant presentation, superb quality and value, along with comfortable dining enjoyment, this all can be found within.


On February 18th, 2015, to welcome the auspicious festival of reunion, the Harbour Café will specially provide many kinds of luxury global delicacies such as Hong Kong style roasted pig, French style steamed lobster, American style soy-sauce abalone, served alongside with the joyful smile and glittering fireworks of the season, allowing you to enjoy this celebration of China’s most traditional festival. Enjoy this New Year’s Eve with a luxurious and global buffet of fine food for CNY 298 + 15% per person.
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