『Hot Pot Cuisine』

  • 2015-12-3 15:16:27
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Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant 
December Recommendation: Hot Pot Cuisine

Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant is the perfect place to experience top quality Cantonese fare with its extensive menu of luscious innovative Cantonese dishes that would absolutely enchant your exquisite taste buds!

In December, The Chef is masterfully prepared Hot Pot Cuisine for an exquisite and healthy dining experience in the Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant, and the Premier Value Card Holders are entitled to a 20% discount and wechat discount voucher to get a 12% discount

Nourishing Hot Pot 


Mutton, Grouper Fish Meat, Radish, Fried Bean Curd Sheet, Corn Cob, Cherry Tomato, Bean Curd, Seasonal Vegetable, Hand Made Noodles with Vegetable Juice

(resisting cold, enriching blood, reinforcing deficiency, anti-aging)

Seafood Hot Pot in Season


Fresh Abalone Baby, Oyster, Shrimp, Sliced Mandarin Fish Meat, Prawn Meat Ball, Homemade Cuttlefish Paste Ball, Bean Curd, Sliced Matsutake Mushroom, Fresh Golden Lily Mushroom, Seasonal Vegetables, Hand Made Noodles with Vegetable Juice
(maintaining beauty, good choice for health eating with delicious and fresh flavor)

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