「Winter Cuisine」

  • 2015-12-30 11:08:58
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  • Food-Beverage Promotion

In January, The Chef is masterfully prepared Winter Cuisine for an exquisite and healthy dining experience in the Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant, and the Premier Value Card Holders are entitled to a 20% discount and wechat discount voucher to get a 15% discount


Double-boiled Pigeon Soup with Pork Loin 

(Be of Function of anti-aging、Preventing the risk of cancer)



Braised Crab and Potato with Beer and Black Pepper                             

(Nutritious, Keeping body healthy and strong)



Fried Grilled Mandarin Fillet with Sliced Truffle               

(Nourishing blood, Maintain beauty, Boosting immunity system)    


Braised Deep-fried Spare Ribs with Onion    

(Tender Texture, Nutritious)


Special Offer: 20% off for the Premier Value Card and 15% off for the wechat fans

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