Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen to Debut Delivery Service

  • 2016-1-29 11:06:42
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Once, Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen was the first international hotel in Xiamen.

Now, Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen is also the first one to start delivery service among the five-star hotels.


We will bring you all kinds of unique take-away meal, so that you can enjoy five-star hotel gourmet without leaving home.


The shop was set up on Wechat


With the rapid development of Internet, the delivery services have been popular for a certain period. As the first international hotel in Xiamen, Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen launches a catering delivery service with a professional catering delivery company. And it is also the first one which launches such kind of service in O2O mode among the international hotels in Xiamen.


Enjoy the tasty delicacies without leaving home


Recently, the Wechat shop of Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen has been launched. Follow the Wechat: M2023333, then you can find all kinds of delivery catering in the Wechat shop. Since there are 4 distinctive restaurants in Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen, specialties of every restaurant can be found in the shop, such as New Year fortune basin food, double-boiled luxurious soup, Fried braised pettitoes with fresh abalone and basil from Loong Yuen Chinese Restaurant, Pizza from Portofino Italian Restaurant, Sushi from Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Cheese cake and Tiramisu from Delicatessen. In order to ensure the qualities of delicacies including the freshness and temperature, the cuisines will be cooked after payment, then neatly packaged with heat preservation and equipped with tableware. In the end, stick on hotel logo and the production date. The cuisines will be delivery in the shortest possible time by the delivery company, so that you can enjoy the tasty delicacies without leaving home and keep away from the cooking fumes.


The hotel delivery service is your first choice to entertain guests at home as well. It not only makes you keep away from the cooking fumes, but also avoid parking problems. Put aside the freshness of the ingredients and the food safety questions, the hotel delivery cuisines’ flavor and professional package will make you and your guests feel like in the first class hotel while you are at home. With the enhancement of the time concept and the increase of various requirements of life, the first-class hotel delivery service is cater for the people who is in the fast pace of life. The demand of save time, high efficient and high quality will be the consumer trends in the future.


Free delivery in Xiamen Island during the promotion time

During the promotion time, free delivery will be enjoyed in Xiamen Island. To ensure the quality of cuisines and delivery in time, please book in advance. Moreover, in order to make more and more people experience the high-quality delivery service, the limited time discount sales will be hold at regular time, please stay focus on the Wechat news!