New bullet train from Xiamen Island to Hangzhou commences

  • 2016-7-7 15:48:07
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Xiamen Railway Station
Starting from June 26th, residents on Xiamen Island who plan to travel from Xiamen to Hangzhou by train no longer need to bother going to the Xiamen North Railway Station. A new train service linking the Xiamen Railway Station and the Hangzhou East Railway Station has been launched.
The newly launched G1680 takes 6 hours and 18 minutes to travel from Xiamen to Hangzhou.
Hangzhou West Lake
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple
Depart from Xiamen Railway Station: 7:38 a.m.
Arrive at Hangzhou East Railwasy Station: 1:56 p.m.
Duration: 6 hours 18 minutes
First-class: RMB 609.5
Second-class: RMB 385.5
By the end of 2020, seven newly built railway lines will be put into service, covering a total length of 1,200 kilometers in Fujian Province. The seven new railway lines will be as follows:
> Fuzhou-Pingtan Railway/福平铁路
Scheduled operation date: 2019
It will take about two hours to travel from Xiamen to Pingtan via this railway.
> Quzhou-Ningde Railway/衢宁铁路
Scheduled operation date: 2019
> Nanping-Sanming-Longyan Railway/南三龙铁路
Scheduled operation date: 2017
> Jianning-Guanzai Mountain Railway/浦梅铁路
Scheduled completion date: 2019
> Xingguo-Quanzhou Railway (Fujian section)/兴泉铁路(福建段)
Scheduled completion date: 2020
This line will help achieve direct bullet train service from Xiamen to Anxi, Dehua, Datian and Yong’an.
> Fuzhou-Xiamen Passenger-dedicated Railway/福厦客专
Scheduled completion date: 2020
With a designed speed of 350km/h, it will take about an hour to travel from Xiamen to Fuzhou.
> Fuzhou-Luoyuan Freight Railway/福州-罗源货运铁路Scheduled completion date:
By the end of 2020