Mid-Autumn Festival Delights at the Millennium Harbourvbiew Hotel Xiamen

  • 2021-7-23 16:48:23
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Moon cake is a symbol of reunion in the Mid-Autumn festival, reconnecting with friends, family members and loved ones to eat moon cakes has been a traditional custom in China to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival.

The Millennium Harbourview Hotel Xiamen is delighted to present you two kinds of Mooncakes Gift Box for selection in celebration of upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival, the Autumn Rhyme Delight with six pieces packages (80g each), the Auspicious Delight with traditional 8 pieces packages (150g*4+60g*4), and there are also gift vouchers and gift card available for you to choose as the gift for your family, friends and business partners in the Mid-Autumn festival.

We have 2 kinds of different style of moon cake box, which are elegant and delicate, coexist both tradition and fashion. one is in traditional red color matching a golden handler by decorating with the lotus elementsThe other is in fashion blue by decorating with some traditional elements.  We recommend that they are the luxury gifts to your family, friends and your business partners to celebrate this traditional festival.

Autumn Rhyme Delight   198/box (6 pcs, 80g each)

White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk 80g*1

White Lotus Seed Paste with Egg Yolk 80g*1

Bean Paste with Egg Yolk 80g*1

Assorted Nuts Paste 80g*1

Wuyi Mountain Tea Paste  80g*1

Milky Yellow Paste 80g*1

Auspicious Delight  328/box(150g*4+60g*4

White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks 150g ×2

Red Lotus Seed Paste with Double Egg Yolks  150g×1

Assorted Nuts Paste 150g×1

Lava Egg Custard Paste 60g×2

Matcha Custard Paste 60g×2

Happiness Delights                                                            

One Box of Autumn Rhyme Delight with Two Buffet Lunch/Dinner at Coffee Shop


Autumn Rhyme Delight ×1

Lunch Buffet at Coffee Shop ×2

Jubilant Delight       

One Box of Auspicious Delight with Two Buffet Lunch/Dinners at Coffee Shop

Auspicious Delight ×1

Lunch Buffet at Coffee Shop ×2

Mid-Autumn Gift Card    1000/set

The Mid-Autumn Premier Value Card valued at1000

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