• 6.1km to hotel
Zengcuo An community located in southeastern of Xiamen Island, east to Baishi Fort, west to the Huli mountain Fort, south to Huandao Road, north to Yuping Mountain, which is surrounded on three sides by mountains and one side of coast, the area of it is about 6.5 square kilometers. Zengcuo An community turned out to be a coast fishing village, a total of 8 natural villages. The villagers were based on agriculture and fisheries, many people have transfer to other jobs now. According to the overall plan of Xiamen City, Zengcuo An community is a cultural tourism area, which includes the Siming traffic police squadron, Xiamen University students apartment, Huaxia college, Keji middle school, benevolent supermarket, community labor security station and other convenient service networks. There are variety of customs and beliefs: Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, these four religions are complete.

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